About Us


Geographically, Biella was a prime location for woolen weaving – with high mountain pastures for grazing sheep, producing the finest wool fleeces. The surrounding Alpine lakes and rivers of soft water powered the mills and finely finished the cloth.

MODA BIELLA was weaving beautiful fashion-forward fabrics for men’s suits & jackets and also carved a niche for formal ladieswear.

With innovation and creativity being their motto, the designers ardently studied and forecast trends. Their predictions were so accurate that clients from around the world came to them for their fashion requirements.

Today, merino wool is still brought to Biella, to be washed in its famous soft waters, and woven by a skilled family of artisans who have practiced and perfected their craft for close to a century.

The fabrics are truly top-notch – with superfine merino wool woven to produce a remarkable array of fine cloths.

With a line-up of finely designed Italian fabrics in exotic merino blends and exceling in technical innovation, this brand will not only be deep-rooted to its heritage of making world-class fabrics, but also, be entrenched in forecasting & pioneering in contemporary market trends. The brand also stands true to a synchronicity with nature with its superfine noble fibres and embracing sustainability.

From one peninsula to another! This range of fabrics for the discerning customer, has now set foot into the Indian sub-continent – and MODA BIELLA is set to leave its mark in the Indian textile industry!